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Lawn Sprinkler

Lawn Sprinkler and Irrigation Maintenance Services

Now that you've had a new lawn sprinkler system installed, it will need to be maintained for proper functionality and efficiency throughout the years to come. American Lawn Sprinklers regularly will inspect, adjust, repair or replace any faulty aspect of your entire lawn sprinkler and irrigation system to keep it in excellent working condition so that your landscape remains healthy and green.

Spring Openings

Mid April is usually the time to open and test your irrigation system and it's performance. American Lawn Sprinklers will adjust sprinkler heads, check timers and sensors and inspect each zone for proper functionality. If an area is tested and not up to working standards, we will consult with you to determine the best solution for repairing or replacing the neccessary componants to get the system back to peak performance.

Mid Season Check-Ups

During the summer months, American Lawn Sprinklers will once again inspect each station for proper functionality. This mid-season tune-up also allows us to recommend additional products to enhance the existing system in case additional landscaping has been planted or removed.

Winterization and Closings

American Lawn Sprinklers will clear and dry all lines to avoid freezing and potential cracking of componants. Winterizing your sprinkler system insures that lines, heads, backflow preventers and piping do not freeze and crack during the winter months. When all lines have been cleared and dryed of water, the main valves will be turned off.